Emergency Plumber in South London

At some point we will generally always have some type of plumbing emergency that needs attending to. In such a case it is very important to have a an emergency plumber to call on to rescue you at an affordable price. We have a team of emergency plumbers in South London who are available around the clock to deal with such issues.

What Jobs do you Cover?

We cover basically the full range of emergency work that you think of. This includes:

  • Boiler Repairs (covering all boiler breakdowns as well as servicing)
  • Plumbing Repairs (covering all of your sanitary ware appliances such as WC’s, basins, baths, showers and kitchen appliances, outside taps etc.)
  • Heating Repairs (covers everything else other than the boiler such as radiators, central heating pipes, central heating controls etc.)

Booking a Plumbing and Heating Engineer

Call the team at AT Plumbing and Heating and our emergency engineers in South London will arrive in no time to fix all your plumbing and heating problems!

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Emergency Boiler Repairs in South London

When you boiler breaks down we understand what a major inconvenience this can be! We are a established boiler repair company based in South West London and are here to take care of any such emergencies that you may have anytime of day or night. We run a genuine emergency service and are able to work on just about every make and model of boiler on the market. This includes gas boilers such as Vaillant, Worcester Bosch, Biasi, Viessmann and many others.

Our aim is to get your boiler up and running again in the shortest possible time at the most reasonable cost to you. We do not overcharge for our time or for parts and this is why we have built up a good reputation in South West London for boiler repair services.

You will always find our gas engineers friendly and efficient and they will always have ID on them in the form of their Gas Safe Register ID card, so that firstly you know who they are and also that they are qualified to work on your gas appliances , if they are there for a gas matter.

Some of the areas that we provide boiler repair services to in South West London include Brixton, Clapham, Victoria, Chelsea, Fulham, South Lambeth, Lambeth and many more. Call our plumbing and heating team for further information or to book your heating engineer in South West London today for efficient repair or installation services.

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How to Choose a Boiler Installer for your Boiler Installation

More than ever, companies and business providing boiler installation have gone through rigorous inspection coming from authorities in charge for gas safety. The reason here is very easy. Did you know that 2 out 5 fires in homes in very country were due to inappropriately placed boilers, slovenly work standards and poorly sealed gas pipe lines? Thus, if you are planning getting a new boiler in your property or home, it is the best choice to be acquainted with the standard qualifications needed of the boiler installation company who will offer this kind of service for you.

Since boiler is not something, which stares us in the face, people are more likely to ignore its maintenance. They are busy with their kids, with their jobs and taking good care of all the household chores, which they hardly have the time to leave alone fixing the boiler. However, if it is not kept, then it will certainly need some repairs. Even if it is just a small one, you might be able to solve the issue all by yourself. However, if this is not the case, then you will find countless agencies, which provide boiler repair and installation service.

Along with so many options on how to pick the right company for the job, allow us to give you some effective tips to make your job easier.

  1. Search on the internet – Several agencies are equipped with their own websites. Such sites inform you exactly the kind of service they provide. Get the contact information of those agencies and call them right away. Nonetheless, you must not base your decision in just a simple conversation in the telephone. You must make the effort of making your own trip into the agency.
  1. Ask referral from families and friends – You can ask your friends and family if they know some agency, which they can suggest to you. If any of your friends or family members is able to offer you with a good contact, then find first how was their own experience along with the agency. Ask if they are satisfied with the service or not. Or if the agency offer installation and repair service? These are just some of the things you need to know prior to hiring a boiler installation company to do the work for you.
  1. Get estimates – On the other hand, if you are working on a tight budget, then why not get some estimates from several agencies. You can compare the estimates, which you have and identify which one really suits for you. However, keep in mind that the agency who offers the lowest rate is not the best one. It is still better to pay a little and get a long lasting and good job done.

Thus, if you are looking for a good boiler installation company, do not be hasty on picking an agency for your boiler repair. You can call AT Plumbing & Heating for reasonable boiler repairs.

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How to Deal with Your Plumbing and Heating Repairs

Generally, home ownership is very worthwhile however very demanding experience as well. Usually, after a year homeowners begin to think of whether to call licensed plumbers in order to fix issues such as boiler repair, drain cleaning, tackle dripping faucets as well as to do those all by themselves. Overall, if you are now starting to think over, you will see that those plumbing issues are just one of the most challenging issues and this could be either due to the potential pricey mistakes or perhaps due to the inconvenience resulted of not having water heater, running water and functioning toilet.

Plumbing and boiler repair is not an easy task

Dealing with some faucet  and boiler repairs would be simple as fixing washes. However there are circumstances where it has sourced major damages as not using of a good and professional plumber. When the home is getting older, then clearly there will be shut offs and unreliable valves as well as rusty pipes, and over tightened nut could cause to broken sinks and toilets. In addition, when the damage is bigger, then even water has the tendency to gush out and must need the assistance of a plumber for emergency case.

What you must remember

Prior to starting doing the work in your home, make sure first the water is turned off in the home as those broken water lines can cause catastrophe. Additionally, make sure that you bring all the tools, which are needed to solve the issue as this can save to and fro costs, inconvenience and extra time cause by making unnecessary visit from home to shop. This might also involves instances such as toilet tank parts, extra bolts and gaskets, purchasing faucets, a wax ring, towels and drains. If supplies are not needed then, you can always return them after the work; however, you always must go there along with additional tools to fix those appliances when they are not fixable.

Before the plumber start to work at your home, it is important that you ask them, first questions whether if they are capable to do the job or not. If all your repairs are done correctly and properly, then you must be the first person who will be happy, as you are able to save money by not spending too much money to a professional and expensive plumber.

Go for a trusted heating and plumbing services that can do your boiler repair and installation

Keep in mind that home repairs talks about saving time and money, however sometimes even a small drip could change to a broken pipe and much worse even more than that. The only thing you must remember while having home repair is to know whom to call whether to an apprentice or a maven and you will know this ahead of time as they have the rough concept of how serious the project can lead to. You will find countless plumbing and heating services out there available in the market today and Plumbing & Heating is one of them who can deal with drain sewer cleaning, water heater installs and many other plumbing repairs. Thus, if you are experiencing any issues, then pick us where you can surely feel comfortable about the quality and price of service.