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Central Heating

Do you have a central heating system at home? Yes, you probably have. Central heating massively increases comfortable feeling at your homes most specifically during the winter season.

We at Plumbing and Heating understand that your home is one of the most important places where you spend most of your time in. If you currently don’t have central heating yet, you might want to check out our central heating services. You never have to wonder whether it is worth your pay because we only deliver the best central heating service that you are looking for. We would be delighted to inform you about our central heating services.

What is good about having central heating system is that they are intended to supply for any property size. Different rooms and room sizes are considered so that the right number of installations to be calculated in every room. The radiator size can affect the volume of heat that it emits.

In comparison of having a fireplace in a single room and another single heater, the fireplace may look good but the disadvantage is that you will get the smoke that comes from it. It would not be comfy if you’ll smell all smoky whenever you go someplace else.

Another disadvantage is you will have to worry about having your chimney cleaned out regularly. The heat is not evenly dissipated all around the room. It will also make you feel so hot when you sit beside it but you won’t feel anything.

Having single heaters is also a good idea but then again they are not that practical and will cause you higher cost. They don’t keep up with the benefits that a central heating system can provide you because it does not have the same controls as what this system have.

One advantage of central heating system is that is can be controlled thermostatically. You will only set the thermostat to the temperature that your house will be comfortable in. This can benefit you on the amount of energy that it uses. There is an option for you to adjust the controls the radiators if you choose not to heat one room

We at Plumbing and Heating have already worked 15 years in the industry and we personally know what proper central heating system design is specifically  good for your home where you can relax and be free of deciding whenever you want to heat any room in your house. The proper use of this system will really help you save money because it does not consume too much energy which means your energy bills are reduced at the same time. You have to pay a little higher for the system but it will benefit you in the long run.

Plumbing and Heating is ready to serve you whenever you need a central heating system installation for your homes. If you haven’t decided yet, maybe now is the time for you to have your proper central heating system be installed. We do install new radiators and render any pipe work too plus our engineers can repair heating problems on pipes, radiators and boilers.

  • Pricing

    8am to 5pm – Standard Rate of £70 an hour.

    5pm to 12am – Late Rate of £90 an hour.

    12am to 8am – Emergency Rate of £120 an hour.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Radiator is cold at the top?

    You will need to bleed the radiator to get rid of any warm air trapped.

    Radiator is cold at the bottom but warm at the top?

    It is best to call out an engineer to fix this problem.