Plumbing Related Services


From changing a washer to fixing a leaking pipe, our engineers are here to help you.


Our engineers can do anything from bleeding a radiator to creating a whole new radiator system.


Not only can we lay your pipes, we will also design the most efficient way for them to be laid.

  • Pricing

    8am to 5pm – Standard Rate of £70 an hour.

    5pm to 12am – Late Rate of £90 an hour.

    12am to 8am – Emergency Rate of £120 an hour.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is there still water in my dishwasher when the cycle has finished?

    There is meant to be a little water left after the cycle has finished. The water is to keep the element type heater from burning up. If there is a lot of water left over then there is likely there is a clog in the system.